The Dellana Cook Piano Studio

I believe that every life needs music

Although the majority of people consider themselves to be non-musical and void of talent, most have inwardly dreamed of playing a musical instrument.  The perception that playing the piano is only for the talented has robbed many people of the joy found in making music.  I have discovered that when a safe learning environment is facilitated by a caring teacher using creative materials, the quality of students' lives are greatly enhanced through music participation.  No Talent Required!

I believe that the non-musical benefits of playing the piano are equally as important as the musical benefits

Students will learn how to play the piano and experience all of the musical benefits familiar to this accomplishment.  They will also experience many biological, psychological and sociological benefits.  These benefits include:  companionship, friendship, fulfillment, excitement, improved confidence, pleasure and relaxation.  As teachers, we have the good fortune of facilitating these life-enhancing benefits.

I believe students of ALL ages want to learn how to read music, learn  how to play by chords and how to share their music with others

This program embraces both reading music and learning how to play by chords with a sequence and pace that provides a sense of accomplishment and joy for students of all ages.  Contrary to traditional teaching scenarios,  students are not required to play in formal recitals.  I provide Celebrations, Piano Parties and similar get-togethers to allow students the opportunity to share music with their friends and families.  A stress-free, supportive environment allows students to nurture and encourage their common love of music.

I believe this philosophy of learning has the potential to enhance the quality of life for both the performer and the listener

Embracing this philosophy is a process.  If you are ready to laugh, learn, and share in the joy of music making, this process will become your musical journey.  A journey with a bright future.

The Benefits of Recreational Music Making for Students of All Ages

Self-Expression, Enjoyment, Relaxation, Wellness, Excitement, Creative Expression, Stress Release, Fulfillment, Peace, Flexibility, Coordination, Renewal, Companionship, Self-Awareness, Laughter, Healing, Satisfaction, Mental Acuity, Comprehension, Bliss, Exhilaration, Self-Discipline, Memory Retention, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Pride, Fun, Happiness, Vitality, Patience, Pleasure, Self-Improvement, Achievement, Balance, Health, Love, Beauty, Humor, Inspiration.


You're Never Too Old and It's Never Too Late to Learn!