The Dellana Cook Piano Studio

"Way Cool" Keyboarding 4 Kids

Ages 6 - 10

In a "Way Cool" Keyboarding 4 Kids class, students experience the fun of playing in their own Piano Band.  This group environment provides many positive musical and non-musical benefits, including the development of concentration and listening skills as they learn to blend together as an ensemble, improvise original compositions, and other expressive activities.  Your child will look forward to each week as they make music with their friends.


"Way Cool" Keyboarding for Teens

Ages 11 - 17

Experience the NEW piano program teachers and students are talking about!  "Way Cool" Keyboarding for Teens introduces students to both Chord Chart playing and traditional note reading.  This amazing program introduces original music in contemporary, rock'n roll, praise and worship and pop styles and motivates student to play in musically satisfying venues like contemporary worship services and garage bands.  The CD accompaniments provided help develop the students' listening skills and accelerate their learning.


Musical Moments for the Adult Hobbyist

Adults of All Ages

If you have ever dreamed of making music at the piano, this class is for you!  Musical Moments was written to create a stress-free, enjoyable experience for the beginning adult student.  Come learn to read music, play by chords and create music with other hobbyists.  Join the growing number of adults across the country learning to play the piano using this fun and innovative program.


You're Never Too Old and It's Never Too Late to Learn!