The Dellana Cook Piano Studio

"Way Cool" Keyboarding is a new piano program designed to create a successful and motivating first experience at the piano.  This program encourages you to make music an important part of your life.  At any age, at any level, making music is good for you.



I Believe...

  • Every life needs music
  • Non-musical benefits of playing the piano are equally as important as the musical benefits
  • Students of ALL ages want to learn how to read music, learn  how to play by chords and how to share their music with others
  • Philosophy of learning has the potential to enhance the quality of life for both the performer and the listener
  • The Benefits of Recreational Music Making for Students of All Ages


You're Never Too Old and It's Never Too Late to Learn!


Service Areas:

  • Murphy          Plano          Sachse
  • North Richardson / Breckenridge



Dellana Cook

468 Lakefield Drive 

Murphy, TX 75094



Digital Pianos provided by Metroplex Piano Warehouse